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About the museum

  This is the only Museum in Japan which specializes in Lacquer (Urushi) Art. This spacious Museum displays a number of lacquer art works by various artists belonging to different periods, some of whom are members of Art Academy and persons designated as "Living National Cultural Treasure". Visitors can also watch video clips related to lacquer art. The Museum has a collection of not only Wajima lacquer art but also lacquer work from different regions of Japan as well as from overseas. The Museum gives an insight into the serious nature of lacquer art.


Adults 630 JPY;
College and High School Students 320 JPY;
Junior High and Elementary School Students 150 JPY.


9:00 - 17:00 (Last Admittance 16:30)


11 Shijugari Mitomori-machi, Wajima City, 928-0063





Wajima Museum of Lacquer (Urushi) Art    ■11, Shijugari, Mitomori-machi, Wajima City, Ishikawa 928-0063
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